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Like I’m anywhere near getting to wax anything, hah! My right arm is still trembly though from all the damn scrubbing. And I really just got the first and worst layer off, after knocking the big stuff off last night. These are all phone pics, but they turned out ok for the most part.


This is the formerly black hood. Under good light at the carwash.


Mmmmm… hand rubbed chrome. And no, I did not lick it clean.


And then LR and I went to terrorize the local Sonic. Not much reaction. Maybe they were already numb since I got there first, then LR doubled their pleasure.  At least one fellow patron took note of the classic nature of 40+ feet of Cadillac, if the hearse part was sort of ignored.


I just had to have a picture of LR’s fins. I still say it’s the sexiest ass in the club.


And this was my favorite shot of the two. 12 years difference in manufacture, different colors, different coach builders… but they are definitely two of a kind.


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  1. Hey those are some great pics! If I’d been up, I would totally have made the Sonic run, if only to make a fanfare – the Hearses are Coming! The Hearses are Coming! Kinda like Paul Revere, but much more entertaining for me.

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